For those reaching out a helping hand to Kansas ranchers the Kansas Livestock Association has initiated a relief effort for the victims of wildfires across the state. More than 20 Kansas counties were affected by the wildfires.

The most impacted areas lost fences, forage resources, harvested feed and an undetermined number of cattle, as well as homes and outbuildings.

The KLA is organizing hay and fencing material donations for delivery. To donate, call the KLA at 785-273-5115. Cash donations can also be made through the Kansas Livestock Foundation, KLA’s charitable sector, by visiting Donations to the foundation will be used to assist ranchers affected by the wildfires and are tax deductible.

Two ranches have made commitments to donate to the relief fund in their upcoming production sales. Woodbury Farms will sell a registered Angus heifer during their annual bull and female sale at Overbrook Livestock Commission Company on March 15. The heifer will sell as lot 55. For those who cannot attend the sale, but would like to place a bid, call Stephen Russell at 785-458-2650. To view the sale catalog, visit There will be an opportunity to add additional dollars after the sale.

Wright Quarter Horses of El Dorado, Kansas is donating one 2017 breeding to AQHA stallion Bluestem Vaquero. The auction started March 8 and will continue through March 12. To bid or for more information, go to the Wright Quarter Horse Facebook page.

Kansas State University’s Sigma Alpha chapter has started a fundraiser to further support those impacted by the fires. The sorority members are selling “Pray for the Plains” t-shirts and all proceeds will be donated to the KLA to help ranchers affected by the fires. 

A fund has been started by Select Sires to help the Gardiner Angus Ranch and other Clark County ranchers in their efforts to rebuild fences damaged by the fire.

The Giles Ranch in Clark County has a GoFundMe page to help with the rebuild of homes and recovery of a 30,000 acre ranch damaged in the Starbuck Fire.

Additonal ways to aid victims of the Starbuck Fire can be found in this flyer.

Here is how you can help producers in other states impacted by wildfire: