Ordway Feedyard is a 55,000-head capacity facility built in 1975 and part of the larger Four States Feedyards group. Ordway is ideally located in a low precipitation pocket (under 12 inches annually) in southeastern Colorado. They pride themselves on maintaining mud-free pens all year. Low humidity also takes the "bite" out of winter cold and summer heat.

Services provided by Ordway include:

* Financing - cattle, feed and hedge positions
* Risk Management Consultation
* Marketing - all four major packers bid on our cattle in the cash market every week. We also have access to many value-based alliances and grids.
* Information - For our retained owners we can provide you with performance information and carcass data to help you make management decisions at home.

Ordway also offers optimum cattle performance, competitive marketing and partnership programs.

At Ordway, they do more than feed your cattle. They help you manage your investment from start to finish. Give Luke a call at the yard to visit about opportunities in Ordway’s cattle feeding club. With a minimal investment of $5,000 you can substantially reduce your risk while maintaining a 15% return.

Why join the Club Fed cattle feeding club?
The advantages of a cattle feeding club are similar to those of a mutual fund—risk management, diversification and professional management.Cattle Feeding Profile: Ordway Feedyard

In traditional cattle feeding, $5,000 will margin roughly 33 head of cattle. In this scenario, market timing, feedlot performance and health risks are tied to a relatively small number of animals—increasing your exposure.

By comparison, a club with investment capital of $750,000 will diversify your investment and your risk over 5,000 head of cattle and multiple seasonal marketing opportunities.

In addition to diversification, Club Fed, LLC membership provides expert hedge management, professional procurement services and accounting by a market leader, Ordway Feedyard.

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