As ranchers get older and a lack of younger generations stepping in to run the family farm, the auction barns are getting quiet according to

Older ranchers reminisce about finding an auction barn open every day of the week and auctions that would move 2,000 -3,000 cattle in a day. This year, Abilene Auction in Abilene, Texas has sold between 500 and 1,100 cattle per week.

Rex Bland, the owner of Cal-Tex Feed Yard says the lower cattle sales are a result of children leaving the family farm leaving a void when older ranchers retire. The average age of ranchers at an auction is between 65 and 85. Increased production costs and lower prices have also hurt the market.

The lower quantity of cattle at the auction is threatening to close several auction barns and numbers aren’t expected to increase with the winter months approaching.

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