The North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) is working with seven auction markets in four states to promote special Limousin-influenced feeder-calf sales this fall. The effort is part of the Limousin breed’s commitment to the commercial cow-calf sector.

Contact the following markets directly for more information about their Limousin-influenced sales.


• Centennial Livestock, Fort Collins; Wayne Kruse, (970) 482-6207; Oct. 29
• Winter Livestock, La Junta; John Campbell, (719) 384-4491; Nov. 9


• Missoula Livestock Exchange, Missoula; Kent Kerchal, (406) 728-3052; Nov. 5


• Napoleon Livestock Auction, Napoleon; James Bitz, (701) 754-2216; Oct. 29


• Faith Livestock Commission, Faith; Gary or Scott Vance, (605) 967-2200; Oct. 19
• McLaughlin Livestock Auction, McLaughlin; John Hoven, (605) 823-4497; Oct. 6 and 13
• Philip Livestock Auction, Philip; Thor Roseth, (605) 859-2577; Oct. 20 and 27
Those wanting help with organizing a special Limousin-influenced feeder-calf sale in their area should contact Frank Padilla, NALF director of member and commercial relations, at or (303) 220-1693.