Cattle Feeding Profile: Friona FeedyardFriona Feedyard offers all cattle feeding services from preconditioning calves through final finishing for slaughter. Feed financing and assistance in marketing and risk management are available as well. Friona Feedyard has good facilities with excellent drainage. The facility is located in close proximity to some of the finest farm land in the Texas Panhandle and has access to a wide variety of feed ingredients including corn silage and Cattle Feeding Profile: Friona Feedyardcotton by-products.

The yard's management and production team have had considerable experience with calves during the last several years, and have an excellent growing program for lightweight cattle. With its close proximity to several major packers, marketing cattle is very competitive.

Friona Feedyard has a maximum capacity of 58,000 in the summer. The feedyard’s feedmill capacity is 50 tons per hour and the feedmill produces steam flakes monitored by a computerized batch process delivering controlled rations. Friona is located Cattle Feeding Profile: Friona Feedyardclose to four major packers including National Beef and IBP.

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