Q: I fall graze stubble with my cattle. I need to spray for Bindweed now. How much time between spraying and grazing? Do I spray Roundup or 2-4 D w/Banvel or Grazon?

A: Both Roundup (glyphosate) or 2,4-D with Banvel are equally effective in controlling field bindweed in stubble. The beef cattle grazing restriction is also 7 days for both. The grazing restriction for Banvel does increase for dairy cattle or animals close to slaughter, particularly at the higher rates.

Some of the best control of bindweed (and other broadleaf weeds) in grass pasture can be obtained with Grazon (combination of 2,4-D and Tordon). However, it would harm any desirable legumes in the pasture. It would not be suitable for the stubble because it does lease a residual that could affect a crop planted even next year.

Dr. Jerry Volesky, Associate Professor of Agronomy, West Central Research & Extension Center - North Platte, North Platte, NE, University of Nebraska