Trading is limited in the Texas Panhandle with a few early sales at 83.00- 83.50 but most producers to continue to pass current bids.

Trading and demand was moderate in Kansas Friday morning. Compared to last week, live sales were 1.50 higher at 83.00 and dressed sales 2.50 higher at 131.00.

Trading and demand is moderate in Nebraska. Compared to last week, live sales are steady to 3.00 higher with sales ranging from 80.00-83.00. Some of the 82.00 cattle are going out of state and the 83.00 is being paid in Western Nebraska with some of these cattle having extra days before delivery. Dressed sales in Nebraska are trending 2.00 higher at 127.00-128.00. Trading is light in Colorado on moderate demand with live sales 2.00 higher than last week at 83.00.