“Farmageddon,” the Big 12 conference football game between Iowa State and Kansas State at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium, is less than 24 hours away. On Tuesday we suggested that rather than be embarrassed by the moniker some fans have hung on the game, officials from the two esteemed agriculture schools should embrace it and sponsor other activities. For instance, we suggested:

• A barbecue contest before the game between the meat science departments. (A no-brainer – especially at Arrowhead, the NFL’s best tailgating venue.)

• A lawn-mower tractor-pull contest between the ag engineering departments.

• A livestock judging contest on the field. (OK, maybe the Chiefs’ clean-up crew wouldn’t like that idea.)

We also asked for your suggestions, and here they are, with editor’s comments in parentheses:

• Conduct a milking contest between the schools’ Dairy Science Departments. (Could be fun.)

• Soil testing in the end zone. (Boring.)

• A timed event between the esteemed vet schools? Teams of four could necropsy a steer, read x-ray films from a sick dog, suture a laceration on a cat and fix a prolapsed on a market hog. (The Chiefs probably wouldn’t embrace the idea of cutting open a dead steer on the 50-yard line.)

• A cook-off between the ag deans during halftime? Best-cooked steak as judged by the cheerleaders since they’ll already be grazing the field. (We said no grazing cheerleader jokes.)

• A county fair atmosphere. OU and Texas get the Texas State Fair, no reason they should lay claim to an agricultural-based fair when neither school is a land grant institution. (Ouch!)

• Greased pig contest. (More fun.)

• Sheep shearing contest. (Ummm…no.)

• A PETA Contest - Pleasure Eating Tasty Animals! (Yes, definitely!)