The World’s Greatest Hamburgers™ just got better. Introducing Fudds Prime™: 100% All-American premium-cut beef only from Fudds Herd, born and raised humanely, and bred for taste only on select U.S. ranches through exceptional lineage, open grazing and vegetarian feed. Fuddruckers, the Texas-born burger restaurant that has been serving the World’s Greatest Hamburgers™ for nearly 30 years, launched Fudds Prime™ at participating Fuddruckers in Texas and New Mexico today, according to CEO Peter Large. also launched today.

“Better beef makes a better burger,” said Large. “Fudds Prime™ is Fuddruckers newly branded beef that tells guests they’ve chosen better beef and a better burger. Fresh, never frozen, Fudds Prime™ is 100% All-American premium-cut, vegetarian-fed beef born and bred only in the U.S.A. and you can only get Fudds Prime™ burgers at Fuddruckers restaurants.”

To prove the superior taste and value of Fudds Prime™ burgers, participating Fuddruckers restaurants in Texas and New Mexico are offering guests a 1/3 pound juicy Fudds Prime™ burger, grilled to order, Fudd Fries and a drink for just $7 if they create their very own cowboy or cowgirl “Wanted: A Juicy Fudds Prime™ Burger” poster at and bring it into their participating Fuddruckers. Guests are also invited to have a little fun at a chicken’s expense by playing the Fudds Prime™ Patty Launcher game.

Only the freshest, premium cuts of beef with optimal marbling, like prime and the upper portions of choice, create the juiciest Fudds Prime™ burger experience. No fillers or artificial ingredients are ever added to Fuddruckers All-American, premium-cut Fudds Prime™ beef. Fudds Prime™ burgers are available in 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and one pound patties.

“If you have to ask for your burger’s passport, it’s not Fudds Prime™,” said Dwayne Chambers, SVP of branding and marketing for Fuddruckers. “There are few, if any, fast food, casual or fast-casual restaurants committed to serving premium-cut beef of this caliber born and bred only in the U.S.A.” Fudds Herd is proven and traceable for 100 years.

Always fresh, never frozen, Fudds Prime™ burgers are grilled to order for the Worlds’ Greatest Build Your Own Burger™ experience, which Fuddruckers pioneered in 1980 along with the most extensive market-fresh produce and fixins bar. And since you do not put the World’s Greatest Hamburgers™ on the world’s second best bun, Fuddruckers scratch-baked buns are made fresh all day in each restaurant’s bakery.

To make your own Wanted Poster, play Fudds Prime™ Patty Launcher game or learn more about why Fudds Prime™ creates the World’s Greatest Hamburgers™, visit

Fudds Prime™ will launch nationwide November 17, 2009.