KLA officers and staff are in Washington , D.C. , this week to meet with members of the Kansas congressional delegation and federal regulators. The Kansas contingent is making these visits in conjunction with the NCBA Legislative Conference.

The KLA group will discuss ag concentration and competition issues with USDA officials and members of Congress. Leaders of KLA will emphasize the importance of preserving marketing flexibility for cattle producers. KLA members consistently have expressed support for maintaining the ability to market their cattle as they see fit, including forming alliances, using forward contracts and other alternative marketing arrangements.

A more permanent solution to the death tax also will be discussed during Capitol Hill visits. KLA will solicit support for legislation that would provide maximum relief for farmers and ranchers. Under current law, estates that exceed $3.5 million are taxed at 45%. In 2010, the death tax is scheduled for full repeal, but without action from Congress, it will revert to an exemption level of $1 million and a tax rate of 55% in 2011.

The officers and staff also will outline opposition to the Clean Water Restoration Act and the pending cap-and-trade legislation.

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