Redmond, Ore (PRWEB) -- J.F. O'Neill Packing Company, based in Omaha, Neb., has recalled approximately 33,000 pounds of beef tongue today. Kobe Beef America was inaccurately named as one of the labels affected in the recall.

Kobe Beef America has not sold any beef tongue with a Kobe Beef America label since May of 2009. The beef tongue recalled was processed between July 1 and Oct. 8, 2009. Therefore, the recall announced does not include any Kobe Beef America products.

"Our foremost concern is to make sure our customers and distributors can rely on the quality of our meats," said Ty Freeborn of Kobe Beef America. "We want our clientele to know that there is no recall on our products. All our meats are safe to eat and enjoy."

J.F. O'Neill Packing Company issued the recall because many of the beef tongue may not have had the tonsils completely removed. According to reports, the USDA requires the tonsils to be removed during butchering because tonsils are known to carry the defective protein which is responsible for infecting cattle with Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, also known as BSE and Mad Cow Disease.

Kobe Beef America does work with the packing company and has had meat processed there in past. However, the company has not processed any beef tongue for sale during the timeframe named in the recall. For more information on this recall and how it affects Kobe Beef America, a Q&A has been posted on Kobe Beef America's Web site,

About Kobe Beef America
R.L. Freeborn is a fourth generation beef producer from Redmond, Oregon, and the visionary behind Kobe Beef America (KBA™, LLC). Kobe Beef America is the oldest Kobe beef company in the U.S. and was established on the basic premise to provide unmatched flavor, tenderness and consistency… guaranteed. KBA's American style Kobe Beef is unmatched in quality in the U.S. and fills the gap between how Americans appreciate steak and the Japanese delicacy. At KBA, the company focuses on Wagyu cattle, the Japanese animal typically used for the Japanese style beef delicacies. Freeborn has organized producers from various parts of the United States. Under his direction, they're channeling animal genetics and feed programs to produce superior beef products exclusively for KBA™. All KBA Wagyu beef products are natural and free of growth hormone additives. The company is located in Redmond, Oregon, and was the first to market American style Kobe Beef in the U.S. Learn more about Kobe Beef America at