An inventory of former Titans quarterback Steve McNair's estate lists about $19.6 million in assets, the majority in stocks and bonds.

The Tennessean reports McNair's widow, Mechelle McNair, filed the inventory last week. McNair did not leave a will and it is unclear from the inventory whether he had a life insurance policy.

McNair had about $16.9 million in stocks and bonds. He was president of a Texas-based for-profit company called Air McNair Inc. that was worth about $120,000 and he was the sole stockholder of a cattle farm in Mississippi worth about $1.2 million.

McNair was shot and killed on July 4 by mistress Sahel Kazemi, who then turned the gun on herself.

So far, about $50,000 in claims have been filed against the estate from creditors.

McNair had two sons with wife Mechelle McNair and two with other women. The mothers of his oldest sons have not filed claims.

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