CHICAGO, IL – (September, 2009) BiOWiSH Technologies, a global provider of “clean technology” products announces the availability of new BiOWiSH-Odor -- a unique, cost effective and safe solutions for immediate odor relief to some of the world’s most intensive odor problems. BiOWiSH-Odor works rapidly to eliminate odors – not just mask them as so many agents do – at their molecular source.

Using completely organic materials, BiOWiSH-Odor™ is a cocktail of active microbials that create a powerful combination of active enzymes, that in the presence of a proprietary blend of co-enzymes and co-factors, have unparalleled ability to remove the most persistent and intensive odors within minutes.
BiOWiSH-Odor™ is able to create environmental conditions where the natural bacteria can continue to perform its task including the final methane phase conversion of acids and alcohols into non-odorous methane, carbon dioxide, water and energy.

According to BiOWiSH Technologies President Rod Vautier, the company produces a range of enzyme-based products with the ability to rapidly digest all organic matter into its final inert compounds. The new technology provides a 100% organic solution with significant improvements in environmental management, including manure and odor treatment. BiOWiSH-Odor™ is also extremely effective at rapidly digesting ammonia – ideal for poultry operations where ammonia is an environmental and bird-health issue.

“BiOWiSH-Odor can result in reduction of odor emissions by up to 75% and waste reductions of up to 30%, based on independent external testing,” Vautier states. “We have had extensive applications of the technology in poultry, swine, beef and dairy manure for odor management overseas and are excited to bring this technology to the U.S. animal production marketplace. Vautier notes that BiOWiSH has potential applications in feed supplementation pending FDA approval. “The use of BiOWiSH in feed supplementation across all animal species has led to significant improvement in growth rates and feed conversion ratios by up of 15%, as well as substantial reduction in animal mortality rates by up to 60%,” Vautier adds.

For more information on enzymes please refer to BiOWiSH-Odor Fact Sheet on Enzymes which can be downloaded at To order new BiOWiSH-Odor products, contact Bruce Parker Ag Consultants (BPAC) in the United States at 1-888-712-BPAC (2722) or order on line at

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BiOWiSH Technologies is a clean technology company focused on the commercialisation, marketing and distribution of enzyme-based products utilizing the proprietary technology known as BiOWiSH™. BiOWiSH™ is a powerful combination of active microorganisms that creates a broad range of beneficial enzymes with the remarkable ability to fully digest a wide range of organic compounds and pollutants, leaving the environment in natural balance.