The European Union has agreed to quadruple import quotas for hormone-free beef from the U.S., but due to European health perceptions, still refuses to accept any U.S. beef treated with hormones as reported by NPR.

European farmers must keep a ‘passport’ that records each cow’s birthday and location, parents and vaccines received. Consumers can track this information through an ID number listed on the meat.

French cattle farmer Michel Baudot claims Europeans insist on hormone-free beef because it’s perceived as healthier. He sees the emphasis in the U.S. on turning a profit rather than the quality of beef produced.

"With the hormones you force nature, so you save time and earn quick muscle," he says. "I see a huge difference with our cows. In the U.S., you see cows arrive into the feedlots thin, and two months later, they're bodybuilders that have tripled in volume. So these hormones are very powerful and effective." Baudot sees growth hormones as giving the U.S. an unfair advantage because they’re outlawed in Europe.

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