R-CALF submitted a request to the USDA to investigate potential violations of cattle imported from Canada according to KFGO.com.

USDA requires cattle moved from Canada to a U.S. feedlot to be tested for brucellosis and/or bovine tuberculosis before leaving the feedlot. R-CALF was informed that 405 cattle initially scheduled for a dry feedlot were redirected to rangeland in Washington. The cattle were never tested and have comingled with local herds owned by Washington state ranchers.

R-CALF has requested the USDA to check the legitimacy of the health certificates for the Canadian cattle. Cattle from Canada have a high risk for BSE and letting these cattle graze with U.S. cattle increase the risk for the spread of diseases.

Along with the current investigation, R-CALF wants the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate Agri Beef Co., the owner of the imported cattle, for up to 26,000 cattle that were supposed to be delivered to the same feedlot dating back to April 2006. R-CALF says Agri Beef Co. may be taking advantage of grazing in the U.S. to lower costs.

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Source: KFGO – Fargo-Moorhead