Dec cattle closed higher for the week ending Oct 23. Today the market should find initial support at $86.90, but a dip back to $86.32 would not be a big surprise this week. Only a close back below the latter support would be construed as bearish allowing a drop to $85.40. On the upside the $87.72 area could stall initial rallies and a push through this area will take the market to $88.50 by the weeks end. A close above $88.50 targets the $90.50 area in the weeks ahead.

Support: 86.90 & 86.32 Resistance: 87.82 & 88.50

Long Term Trend: Up above 85.85 Short Term Trend: Up above 86.32


Nov feeders are struggling to get above $96.30 resistance. To start the week the market looks set to come back and test the $95.00 support area. If this area holds a reversal and push back up into the $97.40 area will be likely. A failure at $95.00 opens the door for continuation down to $94.30, in which a close below this area attracts technical selling down to $92.52 over the next few weeks.

Support: 95.00 & 94.32 Resistance: 95.80 & 96.20

Long Term Trend: Down below 96.20 Short Term Trend: Up above 95.07


Dec corn closed out the week with profit taking before the weekend. Overnight trade was fairly quite as 404 will be short term resistance this morning. A push back above this area allows another test of 411-412. A close back above this area the market will be supported up to 424. It wouldn't be a surprise that the market corrects back down into the low 380 area before the next leg up begins.

Support: 400, 397 & 392 Resistance: 404, 407 & 411

Long Term Trend: Up above 392 Short Term Trend: Up above 399

Hogs: Dec

Hogs sold off on Friday and closed below $53.50. The market starts the week on the defensive, but should be some what stable above $52.80. A push below this area opens the trade up to a break back to $51.70. If trade stabilizes and holds support at $52.80 then a rally back above $53.50 will be needed to extend the rally. Above $53.50 trade pushes back to $54.60.

Support: 52.80 & 52.17 Resistance: 53.50 & 54.60

Long Term Trend: Down below 53.50 Short Term Trend: Down below 54.80

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Make note that intra-day support and resistance prices change throughout the day, so if you have any questions during market hours please give me a call for an update.

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