Growing volumes of U.S. beef will start to arrive to the European Union (EU) market this fall under the duty-free, high-quality beef quota agreement that was negotiated earlier this year. The quota is part of a compromise agreement intended to address the long-running dispute over the EU’s ban of beef from cattle raised with growth promotants. Thad Lively, senior vice president of policy, planning and research for the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF), contractor for the Beef Checkoff Program, says there’s very little grain fed beef available in the European market and that presents a huge opportunity for our product, not for massive volumes but in the highest value end of the market…tape

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Lively says in the last five years, the EU has recognized that they are going to become an importer of beef when for many years, they were one of the largest exporters of beef. They also don’t want to be solely reliant on imports from South America – this has made them far more receptive to diversifying their sources for supply for imported beef. Added to that, this spring, our government negotiated an agreement with Europe where the 20 percent tariff (tax) is eliminated, which puts U.S. beef into a new realm…tape

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The EU market isn’t going to be a high volume, but high value. For producers who are able to take advantage of that and produce product that meets the requirements, it’s a niche market that can produce premiums for beef. USMEF continues to create overseas opportunities for U.S. producers by opening markets, then creating demand for that product…tape.

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