In the West, a few showers linger in New Mexico, but hot, dry weather elsewhere favors fieldwork and rapid crop development. Fieldwork activities include Northwestern small grain harvesting.

On the Plains, warm conditions across northern areas favor spring wheat maturation and harvesting. Meanwhile on the southern Plains, showers and thunderstorms are maintaining generally favorable conditions for summer crops and boosting soil moisture in preparation for winter wheat planting.

In the Corn Belt, a band of rain stretches from eastern Iowa into southern Michigan and northern portions of Indiana and Ohio. Across the remainder of the Midwest, mild, dry weather is promoting growth of developmentally delayed corn and soybeans.

In the South, showers and thunderstorms are increasing in coverage and intensity across the lower Southeast. Elsewhere, warm, dry weather favors summer crop maturation and early-season harvesting.

Outlook: Tropical Storm Danny may become a hurricane by week’s end, but will follow a path similar to Hurricane Bill. As a result, much of the U.S. East Coast will be spared a direct strike, although the storm may graze coastal New England on August 29-30. Meanwhile, some heavy rain will fall in the East due to the interaction of an upper-level disturbance and an approaching cold front. Cool, dry weather will trail the cold front into the Midwest, where scattered frost may affect the northwestern Corn Belt on August 30-31. Elsewhere, hot, dry weather will prevail in the West, except for a few showers from the Pacific Northwest to the northern Rockies. The NWS 6- to 10-day outlook for September 1-5 indicates that wet conditions may linger along the Atlantic Seaboard, while drier-than-normal weather will prevail in the Midwest and the Mid-South. Showery weather can be expected across the Rockies and High Plains. Meanwhile, hot weather in the West will contrast with near- to below-normal temperatures across the eastern half of the nation.

Weather Report: Intense Showers In The Southeast, Warm On The Northern Plains