In the West, monsoon showers are subsiding across the southern ockies. Elsewhere, hot, dry weather favors fieldwork—including Northwestern small grain harvesting—and rapid crop development.

On the Plains, hot, dry weather favors fieldwork and crop development across both northern and southern portions of the region. On the central Plains, showers and thunderstorms are maintaining generally favorable soil moisture reserves but causing localized damage due to wind, hail, and flash flooding.

In the Corn Belt, scattered showers are affecting a narrow region stretching from the lower Great Lakes States to the middle Missouri Valley. Elsewhere, warm, dry weather favors growth of developmentally delayed corn and soybeans.

In the South, scattered showers are confined to the lower Southeast, including parts of Florida. Warm, dry weather across the remainder of the South is promoting crop maturation—as well as harvest activities in some areas for crops such as corn, rice, and sorghum.

Outlook: For today, locally heavy showers will continue in the vicinity of a slow-moving frontal boundary from the central and southern Plains into the Midwest. Meanwhile, scattered showers will continue from the Gulf Coast region into the lower Southeast. Later in the week, hot, mostly dry weather will prevail in the West, while cool weather will return to the Corn Belt. By Sunday, patchy frost may occur in the upper Midwest. Elsewhere, a developing tropical system north of Hispaniola will move northwestward and approach the middle and northern Atlantic Coast. The interaction between the tropical system and a cold front could result in torrential rainfall from the Mid-Atlantic States into the Northeast. The NWS 6- to 10-day outlook for August 31 – September 4 calls for above-normal rainfall across the Rockies, High Plains, and Atlantic coastal plain, while drier-than-normal weather will prevail in the Midwest. Meanwhile, above-normal temperatures in the West will contrast with cooler-than-normal conditions across much of the eastern two-thirds of the U.S.

Weather Report: Monsoon Showers In The Rockies, Hot On The Plains