In the West, snow is falling in parts of the central Rockies, but hot, dry weather in California and the Northwest favors fieldwork, including winter wheat planting and cotton and rice harvesting. However, hot, dry, breezy conditions are increasing the threat of wildfires in portions of the Pacific Coast States.

On the Plains, dry weather across northern areas favors fieldwork, including small grain planting and harvesting. On the central and southern Plains, cool, showery conditions are slowing fieldwork but boosting moisture reserves for the upcoming winter wheat establishment season.

In the Corn Belt, late-developing corn and soybean continue to approach or reach maturity under favorably warm conditions, although scattered showers and thunderstorms are affecting the upper Mississippi Valley.

In the South, locally severe flooding continues in the southern Appalachians and neighboring areas, including Georgia’s Chattahoochee River basin. Elsewhere, scattered showers and soggy soils are slowing harvest activities and other fieldwork, and threatening the quality of open-boll cotton.

Outlook: Cool weather will linger for several more days beneath a sprawling storm system covering central and southern portions of the Rockies and Plains. Snow will accompany the chilly conditions through midweek in the central Rockies, while scattered showers will dot the central and southern Plains. In contrast, warmer-than-normal weather will continue across much of the remainder of the U.S. Elsewhere, as much as 1 to 3 inches of additional rain will fall by week’s end in southern Texas and from the Mississippi River to the East Coast, excluding New England. The NWS 6- to 10-day outlook for September 27 – October 1 calls for above-normal temperatures across the western half of the U.S., while cooler-than-normal weather will prevail from the Gulf Coast northward into the eastern Corn Belt and the Mid-Atlantic region. Meanwhile, above normal rainfall in the Southeastern and Atlantic Coast States will contrast with drier-than-normal conditions from the Pacific Coast States into the upper Midwest.

Weather Report: Snow In The Rockies, Favorably Warm Conditions In The Corn Belt