It will not be too long before fall is officially here. At the moment, a few calves are starting to come to town, most everyone is in the fields drilling wheat or getting ready to, kids are going to school, football is in the air and the temperatures are starting to cool off. Whatever perspective a person has on it, it seems to be the same thing every year.

It will be a very telling tale this year when the wheat gets planted. Last year, there were very few fields planted in September for grazing ability, and quite a few planted late to maximize the $12.00 wheat that so many were able to harvest! Whatever the price of wheat is, grazing some cattle on it more often than not has been a boon, either by the extra income, or keeping the wheat short enough that a late freeze did not get it.

It has been said that history keeps repeating itself and just changing names. Each year there is an opportunity to graze wheat with something, either cows, calves or combines. It sure seems like a $550.00 bred cow, with good teeth in her mouth, would be easier to take care of than a bawling bull calf that has to be weaned, processed, and doctored for the same money.

For some reason, there are less cattle in the country, more people, cheaper grains, more efficient ways to gain pounds and harvest cattle, a cheaper dollar, a new government “for the people”, billions and billions of dollars being given away, and yet, fat cattle can not seem to get very far away from the whim price of the packers. How is that possible? We need to think of the whole rather than the parts. What is good for just the packers, retailers, car makers and bankers is not necessarily good for the people.

The cattle industry in America is in a position to really influence the future. Our cattle numbers are down, feeding and slaughter capacities are larger than the supply, less than 2% of the population is involved, and if the folks who do not know one end of a cow from the other will mind their own business, we have a tremendous opportunity to give the world a great service. Of course, if the government takes over America’s businesses, who knows where we will end up.

The cattle market is still very good! Yearlings still bringing either side of $100.00, calves are being contracted left and right, and the grass in most places is still very green for late August! Cows seem to be just holding their own, with quite a few bred cows going to the packer. If a person would just take the time and effort, those calves and cows that are being sold at a discount while everyone is in the field sure look like an opportunity!

It looks like a great year to graze some type of cattle on the wheat. Whether it be cows, calves or yearlings, there is not much better feed or medicine than that good old wheat pasture! If anyone has the time and knowledge to wean calves for folks, there might be more opportunities than a guy can shake a stick at! Take advantage of it!

Be thankful for the opportunities!