Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. It is getting to be that time of year when everyone has to make some choices. Should we graze wheat or cut it? Should we wean calves or not? Should we buy weaned calves or buy cheaper calves and wean them? Should we keep our calves until spring or not? Do we buy cattle or take in cattle?. Should we buy calves or cows? Should we run heifers or steers? Should we go south for the winter and forget about cattle and wheat? There are a lot of questions with a lot of different answers!

One thing is for sure, and that is that Mother Nature will make a big difference in the decisions made! According to most forecasters, the middle of the country is in for a nice cool winter with ample moisture. That may mean a great wheat pasture year, or it might mean a great opportunity to take care of cattle! Either way, the opportunity to graze some cattle, whether it be cows or stockers, will give everyone a chance to make a little more income and still cut some wheat.

The overall economy, kind of like the cattle industry, wants to go higher but seems to be having trouble just doing it. The fact is that people are spending money, and lots of it, but just not as much as they used to! It is amazing how the media and the government seem to forget that Wal-Mart is still making billions of dollars in profits! And what about all the packers and retailers, still selling millions of dollars in products and still making a profit! The world said the economy was bad, but that does not mean it is broken.

The cattle market is also still good! Yearlings are still bringing either side of $100.00, fats are somewhat stable in the $80.00’s, and calves are still selling well, even with most folks out in the fields. If some of these calves are going to bring $115.00 now, with hardly anyone at the auctions, what will they bring when the wheat is boot top high the first of November? Except for moisture, and we’ve had some lately, it sure looks like all the pieces are falling into place to grow some wheat, run some cattle and make a little money!

It still looks like some of these light bred cows coming to town would be a great deal. Many of them are going to the packing plants for the same or less than their very own calves! Is there a difference in putting 200 pounds on a calf and backing him up $10.00/cwt and putting 100 pounds on a cow and advancing her $20.00/cwt? Don’t forget about the big calves and the heifers, they seem to always be at a discount but in the end they bring the same money, only sooner.

The fall run is coming and the opportunities along with it! It sure seems like a penny saved is as good as a penny earned, and making money before winter is just as good as money made in the spring! The grass is still green, the weather is still nice, the market is still good and we still live in America! Take advantage of it!