It is sure nice to have choices! You can choose to plant wheat, graze wheat, or go on vacation! We have had moisture enough to put wheat in the ground, we have had a little sunshine and cheaper input costs, and it looks like there might be a pretty good chance of wheat pasture! So far, the ingredients for a good cattle year are all available, let us just hope it stays that way!

Choices are something we should appreciate here in America. A person can choose whatever profession suits them, they can choose who they want to marry, what bank to use, what car to drive, even what flavor of drink or food they want. Let’s keep it that way! It is bad enough that there are only one or two packers to choose from, how bad would it be if the government said we had to use only one, and it was run by the government?

It would be nice if everyone would just strive to get along. When someone wants to sell maybe somebody should buy, and when everyone wants to sell, maybe it is a good time to buy! It appears like there will be plenty of wheat pasture available this year and if folks will let you graze it, maybe it would be a good time to do it, not to mention that when everyone wants weaned calves, it might be a good year to offer it to them.

There is sure a lot of difference in a weeks’ time. Very few people were looking for calves a week ago, and now there are four for every one! The rains have held up some planting, but that is just more moisture for the wheat! If appearances do not deceive us, there is a lot more wheat going into the ground a month ahead of what it was last year! Maybe it will not get grazed, but at least there is a choice!

The cow and calf market has perked up this week while the yearlings are struggling to stay steady. Fat cattle still have the same problem of not having a market, even though what they are bringing is a little better. The economy does not seem to be much different, with the futures just hanging around, while the stock market edges upward but not with any real feeling. Day in and day out the media keeps reporting the recovery is better, but yet there are still plenty of folks without a job, and according to the government, people are trying to save money in record amounts!

Even with jobs somewhat scarce, it is hard to believe there are any help wanted signs around, yet there are. There are complaints about how bad the economy is and how folks are losing jobs, yet there are still million dollar houses being built, gas guzzling cars on the highways, bars and restaurants still serving and folks still going on vacation. It is true that some folks make more money than others, but it is also true that if a person does not go to work they will not make any!

There will be a lot of choices and chances in the next few months! Take advantage of those opportunities that are offered and the fact that we are still a free country! There are plenty of ways to make money, and there is actual work involved, but only the government says it will be easy!