Time and water, two things that are probably the cure all for everything from cancer to the stock market! If a person can get water at just the right time it can mean life, death, profit, loss or just plain being wet or dry. Right at the moment, the moisture is keeping many folks out of the field, and what crops are being harvested right now in some places still has too much moisture in it. Of course, that leads to winter crops being put in late and pasture being scarcer than was originally planned.
Most folks like a warm summer rain, or maybe a good Christmas snow, but Mother Nature may have other ideas. We are getting some early snows in the Rockies and lots of rain in the plains, which will be great, come this spring, but at the moment we are all going to have to re-learn how to drive in mud! On the bright side, we all have some choices when there is plenty of moisture versus very few choices when there is a drought.

It will be interesting to see what time and moisture do to the calf market. This fall has been pretty good so far in starting calves with moisture available and at least here in Oklahoma a fairly narrow temperature swing. Many calves are starting to show up now, and with the prospects of wheat pasture, at least where it is in the ground, the calf market has sure been a lot more active. In just a few weeks it will be Thanksgiving, and if a person does not have their calves bought by now, it might be a good time to start!

Do not forget how great wheat pasture is! It has always been one of the best medicines and wormers around, and it is amazing how a thin, plain grass yearling changes after being on wheat for just a month or two! Of course, those calves always look better, and bigger, too! There are a lot of opportunities to utilize wheat this year, calves, cows, yearlings, heck, maybe a person could even harvest it!