Corn conditions in the top 18 producing states remained unchanged from last week according to the USDA’s latest Crop Progress report released on July 11. The report showed 69 percent of corn in “good” to “excellent” condition.

Nationally, corn conditions were slightly behind last year’s report:

USDA: Corn conditions hold steady, silking lags

Nebraska reported the best conditions of the country with 84 percent of corn in “good” to “excellent” condition. Just 16 percent of Nebraska’s corn crop was rated in “very poor” to “fair” condition. Other states with strong crop conditions include Tennessee (83 percent) and Iowa (82 percent). 

Texas & North Carolina
Texas crops remain in the worst condition of the country, with 62 percent of corn rated it “very poor” to “poor” condition – 35 percent of that was rated in “very poor” condition.  This is the first time in 2011 that a state reported a highest percentage of corn in “very poor” condition.  No corn acres in the state were rated in “excellent” condition and just 13 percent were rated in “good” condition.

North Carolina continues to be a close second to Texas, with 42 percent of corn rated in “very poor” to “poor” condition.  Despite this, 29 percent of North Carolina’s corn  were rated in “good” condition – 28 percent were rated in “fair condition.” 

Silking Progress
Silking has progressed to 14 percent this week, compared to last week’s report of 6 percent. Although an improvement from last week, it is significantly below the five-year average of 26 percent and last year’s report of 36 percent.

Despite reporting concerning corn conditions, both North Carolina (95 percent) and Texas (81 percent) saw the highest percentages of silking corn. Overall, nearly 40 percent of the top producing states reported more corn silking than the national average.

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