Market volatility serves as one of the strongest industry signals we have to test our fortitude as beef producers, strengthen our resolve, and keep the focus on producing profitable yet affordable genetics to registered and commercial beef producers. Almost like clockwork, at least once each decade, optimistic beef producers recognize the opportunity, or conversely, pessimists are challenged to rethink their business models. Input costs and outputs are carefully measured against production risks and the results often play out during spring and fall sale seasons.

For more than 50 years, Gardiner Angus Ranch has not wavered from their focus to produce value-added Angus cattle using only AI, high accuracy, progeny proven bulls for the traits of economic importance. This historical focus has allowed the family owned ranching operation to embrace the most sophisticated technology, collaborate with the beef industry’s greatest intellectual assets and provide beef producers profitable, sustainable genetics.

As in previous years, regardless of the state of the cattle market, beef producers recognized the opportunity to make improvements. Their confidence in Gardiner Angus Ranch was best illustrated by the fact they participated in a fast paced auction that was concluded in 3-1/2 hours.

The high selling bull in the 12th Annual Bull Sale was Lot 6, GAR Prophet N6475. GAR customers are rapidly incorporating Method Genetics indexes into their buying equations. N6475 earned a top 1% ranking in all Method Genetics indexes, MPI, QPI, and ROI. He sold to James Lillard, Louisville, Tenn., for $11,500. Ed and Gretchen Yeo, Houston Trust, Rosebud, Texas, had the winning bid on the second high selling bull, Lot 11, another Prophet son, GAR Prophet N6135, full brother to GAR Proactive, a recent addition to the Select Sires battery. Another top 1% ranking across all three Method indexes, N6135 is a +15 for CED, top 1% YW, top 2% Doc and top 2% Marb. Yeos paid $11,000 to own Lot 11.

Lot 1, an impressive GAR Sunrise son with a +15 CED, top 1% $B and top 2% Method ROI, was purchased by Richard Jones, Scurry, Texas, for $10,500. Four bulls, Lots 49, 63, 323 and 380 sold for $10,000 each to G & C Cattle, Concordia, Mo.; Genex CRI, Shawano, Wisc.; YoLo Ranch, Ringwood, Okla.; and Peterson Ranch, New Boston, Mo., respectively.

Three double digit calving ease bulls, Lots 19, 59 and 102 sold for $9,500. Sons of GAR Prophet, GAR Advance and GAR Early Bird sold to Ross Humphreys, San Rafael Cattle Co., Tuscon, Ariz.; Manuel Gonzalez, Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila, Mexico; and JLB Ranch, Dallas, Texas, respectively. Six of the 16-21 month old bulls and one 13-14 month old bull sold in the $9,000 range to six enthusiastic buyers. All longtime and repeat GAR buyers, Greg Spears, Graham, Texas, Ross Humphreys, Bryan and Carrol Switzer, Bucklin, Mo., Nix Cattle Co., Canadian, Texas, Chris Hoffman, Lindsborg, Kan., and Berry Bortz, Preston, Kan., purchased Lots 10, 12, 42, 69, 76, 84 and 403, respectively.

Eldon Merklin, Mutual, Okla., Nix Cattle Co., Harry Wells, Marfa, Texas, Chris Hoffman and David Carter, Carter Poultry & Cattle, Melbourne, Ark., each purchased bulls for $8,500. Ten bulls, Lots 7, 8, 31, 51, 73, 105, 129, 325 and 329 sold to repeat buyers Greg Spears; Jon Means, Means Ranch Co., Van Horn, Texas; Dale Long, Long Ranch, Gate, Okla.; Nix Cattle Co., Norman Stovall, Agri Ventures Corp., Graham, Texas; Harry Wells, Marfa, Texas; Lyman Ramsay, Grand Bay, Ala., and YoLo Ranch for $8,000.

Lot 426 headlined the female portion of the sale. She was one of two GAR Prophet daughters out of GAR Progress 830, the record selling donor that sold to Deer Valley Ranch, Fayetteville, Tenn. Lot 426 sold to Roger Hirschy, Hirschy Angus Farm, Orlando, Fla., for $13,000. Jeff Gower, Soaring Eagle Angus, Springfield, Mo., outlasted the competition to add Lot 447, another impressive GAR Prophet daughter to his growing Angus operation with a winning bid of $9,500. Joe Mayer, Mayer Ranch, Guymon, Okla., paid $8,250 to own Lot 429 and add to his elite herd of Angus females. Chris Cox, Mutual, Okla., selected an outstanding Prophet-Progress combination in Lot 428 and paid $7,750 to own her.

The commercial females were in demand as cow-calf producers used the Method Genetics EPDs and Indexes as reliable selection tools in making buying decisions. The females sold in 10 head groups. Group #5 sold to Rob Bullis, Top Notch Farms, Carthage, Mo., for $2,250 each. Jared Osborne, Nuter Hedges LLC, Carthage, Mo., purchased the second high selling group, Group 6, of commercial heifers for $2,200 each. Groups 1 and 8 sold to Don Hildinger, Nash, Okla., and Darryl Lyons, Okmulgee, Okla., for $2,050, respectively.

Notes of Interest:

  1. Cattle sold to 132 buyers from 21 states and Mexico
  2. 22% of the sale offering sold into Texas
  3. 20% of the sale offering sold into Oklahoma
  4. 16% of the sale offering sold into Kansas
  5. 11% of the sale offering sold into Missouri

Volume Buyers—Bulls: Chris Hoffman, Lindsborg, Kan.; Calvin Madsen, 4C Cattle, Beaver, Okla.; Steven Mafrige, Y Bar Ranch, Tilden, Texas; Harry Wells, Marfa, Texas; Jim O’Brien, Mullen, Neb.; Scott Lucas, Crockett, Texas; JLB Ranch, Dallas, Texas; John Mazoch, Bueche, La.; Bob Anson, Anson Cattle Co., Myakka City, Fla.; Logan Girk, Protection, Kan.; Charles Jordan, Cedar Grove Cattle., Natchez, Miss.; Switch House Ranch, Wichita Falls, Texas; S&J Ranch, Iowa Park, Texas; Woolfolk Ranch, Protection, Kan.

Volume Buyers—Registered Females: Todd Creason, 3C Cattle Co., Carrollton, Mo.; Gregg Griffin, GG Angus Ranch, Olton, Texas; Bill Beal, Beal Cattle Enterprises, Blacksburg, Va.

Volume Buyers—Commercial Females: Calvin Madsen, 4C Cattle, Beaver, Okla.


Sale Total & Averages

Registered Bulls


Total Lots                      Category                      Gross                                   Average

      289           16-21 mo. old registered bulls      $1,506,000                             $5,211

       93            13-14 mo. old registered bulls           385,000                               4,140

      382                         Total Bulls                    $1,891,000                             $4,950


Registered Females

       20                  Bred Registered Cows                 $87,750                             $4,388

       17                 Bred Registered Heifers                $71,500                             $4,206

       37           Total Registered Female Lots         $159,250                             $4,304

      145                 Commercial Females               $285,800                             $1,971


  564 Head                         Total                        $2,336,050                             $4,142