Strangers, friends and those in the agriculture community are doing their part by bringing in supplies to producers impacted by the Kansas wildfires. Hay is one of the supplies ranchers need, and haulers are traveling near and far to help.

“I have some neighbors with me and they’ve answered the call, we all got together and put this thing together and we loaded up,” said Craige Means, a producer from Dublin, Tx.

“You got to help people when they need it,” said Bernie Albers of Cunningham, Kan. “This will go on. They’ve got the influx of it now, but they’re going to need this hay for a couple of months until they get decent enough grass to grow anything.”

Albers says hay isn’t the only thing being donated—some are donating fuel to him along his travels.

Producers in the Clark County, Kan. community say the response is overwhelming and the phone keeps ringing.

“We’re seeing a lot of help, but it’s through the graciousness of the people that have helped us and their outpouring of love and help,” said Greg Gardiner, part-owner of the Gardiner Angus Ranch. “It’s our job to continue forward and the decisions we make forward now as we rebuild.”