Prices for the Value Added Sale at Joplin Regional Stockyards were up $5-8 cwt. compared to the weekly feeder calf sale just three days prior.
The special sale on June 22 marketed calves that had been weaned for several weeks with a proven health history. Many groups of steers and heifers weighed from 500-700 lb. In all 6,330 head sold at the auction, up 1,161 head from last year.
Joplin Regional Stockyards marketing manager Mark Harmon says the people who sell in the Value Added Sale do a good job of setting their calves up for success.
Four-hundred forty-nine steers weighing between 651-698 lb. for an overall average of 671 lb. sold on average for $158.94 cwt. Similar weighted heifers averaging 677 lb. in a group of 198 head weighing from 651-697 lb. sold on average for $152.76 cwt.