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Cattle Feeding

In the cool of spring, plan for the heat of summer

As soon as the planters are in the shed, the crew at Weborg Feeding Co. near Pender, Neb., will unpack the shades in preparation for summer in the yard. “Shades have been a great addition, another tool for the toolbox,” says Tyler Weborg, who co-manages the 25,000 head feedlot with his dad Kent. “I wouldn’t say they’re a cure all, but they’ve worked in combination with sprinklers.”


Farming redefined

What does it mean to farm? I'm not asking for a warm and wonderful recitation about the joys of raising a family, working with God's green Earth or any of those other emotional triggers that so many people who receive the calling feel. I'm talking about the legal definition that opens up Uncle Sam's deep pockets, the legal description that brings with it farm subsidies; checks in the mail totaling millions of dollars.

Cow Calf

Focus on getting cows bred early in the breeding season

I was speaking at a meeting one evening and I was talking about how nutrition affects reproduction. I got to the portion of the talk discussing how post-partum interval affects cows getting bred in a 60 day season.


Depressed hog futuers defied Thursday's bearish ag market tone

Corn futures turned lower Thursday. After exhibiting considerable strength over the past week, corn futures declined today. That may have reflected long liquidation before the weekend and next Tuesday’s big USDA reports, but traders may also have been reacting to recent equity market losses, as well as the morning rebound by the U.S. dollar. The latest stock market bounce seemed to have little effect. May corn futures ended Thursday having sagged 3.75 cents to $3.9125/bushel, while December dipped 3.25 to $4.1475.

Cow/Calf Producer

Efficiency in your cow herd

Cattle folks have discussed beef cow efficiency for years now but I don't think that we've actually made much progress. We have breeding values, like $ Energy, to help us but we still see 1400 lb cows that wean 400 lb calves. Larger cows or more milking ability won't generally increase cow efficiency.

Cattle Feeding

Grass tetany prevention

As pastures and small grain fields begin to green up, and livestock owners make plans to begin early spring grazing passes, keep in mind the risk of grass tetany.


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