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Farmland value expected to take direction from crop margins and interest rates

While cropland values in Ohio increased in each of the past three years, several factors, including continued low interest rates, low debt-to-asset ratios and lower profit margins, are likely going to make for a relatively flat land market in 2015, an economist from Ohio State University’sCollege of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences said.

Cattle Feeding

Winter feeding means more mud

Get out the muck boots - winter is here! If there is one thing that is associated with winter feeding in Kentucky - it would be mud! Mud causes lots of problems for cattle producers - loss of feed nutrients from hay, calf scours, calving losses, etc. But, perhaps a bigger issue is the effect that winter feeding can have on your pastures.


Conservation innovation grants available from the USDA

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that applications are being accepted for up to $20 million in grants to facilitate the creation of new, innovative markets for carbon credits, providing additional revenue sources for producers to use to address natural resource conservation challenges.


What is best for the calves of BLV? - Part 5

Sometimes, what seems like the best thing, is not the best thing. That may be how it is when it comes to feeding colostrum from BLV-infected dams. Let’s review first.


Europe's food fight shifts after GM crop vote

Campaign groups and the biotech industry are digging in for a new round of conflict, following the European Union's decision to allow member states to set their own rules on growing genetically modified organisms.


Boxed Beef Report: Beef prices steadily decreasing

Choice boxed beef continues a steady decline since Monday, hitting $243.39 on Friday, down $2.02 since Thursday. This decrease puts the 27-day average at $252.49. Select boxed beef also continues to fall, dropping $2.37.03 from Thursday.

Choice prime rib saw a fall of $2.11, going from $325 Thursday to $322.89 on Friday. Choice prime flank saw an even larger fall to $134.62, a $3.50 change since Thursday. This brought the choice prime flank 27-day average to $137.56.


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