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Retail gas prices rise throughout the country

Retial gas prices in the United States rose an average of four cents this week to hit $2.64, bringing the 27-week average price to $2.35.

The New England, Lower Atlantic and Midwest regions all saw the largest increases of five cents each. The West Coast region continues to have the highest retail gas prices of the regions, sitting at $3.07 after a two cent increase this week. 

Ohio saw the largest increase of the states with an eight cent increase to hit $2.70. New York State saw the smallest increase of only one cent.


Morning Farm Report: Livestock prices rise

Live cattle prices rose 68 cents on Wednesday to hit $152.48. The jump brought the 27-day average price to $153.46. Feeder cattle prices rose from $219.60 on Tuesday to $221.43 on Wednesday. The $1.83 increase brought the 27-day average price to $216.68.

Lean hogs rose 60 cents on Wednesday to $83.78 on Wednesday.

Crop prices continue their decline, with ccorn falling five cents to $3.50. Wheat also saw a six cent drop to hit $4.88.


OIE cuts six European countries' BSE risk level

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Wednesday it had lowered to the safest level the official risk of six countries for mad cow disease, a move expected to open international market access for their beef exports.


Life’s money lessons begin now for new grads

Whether you’re graduating from high school or finishing college and heading into the workforce for the first time, good financial decisions early on can pave the road to success, says Trish Savage, personal finance specialist for University of Missouri Extension.


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