Morning Farm Report: Livestock and crop prices decrease

Live cattle prices saw a dip of $1.93 on Tuesday, hitting $130.25. The 27-day average price now rests at $135.20. Feeder cattle prices saw a 72-cent fall to $164.68 on Tuesday, bringing the 27-day average price to $182.24.

Lean hog prices fell from $57.45 on Monday to $57.23 on Tuesday. The 22-cent decrease brought the 27-day average price to $58.59.

Corn fell three cents, while wheat dropped 11 cents.


Zoetis helps enhance reproductive efficiency with LUTALYSE HighCon Injection

Cattle producers and veterinarians now have a new management tool for added reproductive efficiency. Zoetis today announced the introduction of LUTALYSE®HighCon Injection (dinoprost tromethamine injection), a high-concentration formula of the proven LUTALYSE® Injection (dinoprost injection) approved for use in dairy and beef cattle.

The higher-concentration formula of LUTALYSE HighCon allows for a 2-mL dose. This provides more doses per bottle, thus fewer bottle changes, and a quicker, more-convenient administration.


Optimize value from cull cows

At the Range Beef Cow Symposium, Colorado State University animal scientist Dale Woerner, PhD, outlines the traits, condition, management and marketing strategies that help ranchers meet market demand and receive top prices for their cull cows.


Timely manure incorporation should be top 'poo' priority

Many practices are important and necessary for properly managing manure. However, there is one practice that when not performed properly can cause substantial economic loss and can potentially lead to environmental issues; timely and adequate incorporation of all manure into the soil.


Retail diesel prices drop

Throughout the United States retail diesel prices dropped an average of four cents this week to hit $2.45. The highest drop in the country was in the Midwest region, where prices fell five cents to hit $2.44. The lowest fall was one cent in the Rocky Mountain region. The highest prices are in the West Coast region at $2.65, while the lowest are in the Midwest at $2.44.


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