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Natural gas prices respond to increased power burn

Prices vary slightly, but flat in many market locations. At the start of the report week, temperatures were generally above average in the East, South, and West, though below average in the Midwest and Rockies.


JBS plant to expand

JBS Hyrum will be seeing it's largest expansion when it adds two new buildings to it's plant, adding more than 191,000 square feet. The expansion will add a distribution center and fabrication floors to increase production to more than 400 head of cattle per day, reports Kevin Opsahl for the HJ news.


Boxed Beef Report: Beef prices mixed

Choice boxed beef increased 55 cents on Thursday to hit $244.82, bringing the 27-day average price to $239.05. Select boxed beef did not fare so well, dropping from $234.50 on Wednesday to $233.53 on Thursday. The 97-cent drop brought the 27-day average price to $231.98.

Choice primal rib saw the largest increase Thursday of $2.78 to hit $353.26, while choice primal loin was close behind with a $1.32 increase. Choice primal flank had quite a drop of $2.07 on Thursday.


Just eat beef

Ground meat and exotic game meats, particularly those ordered from online retailers, sometimes are mislabeled and contain different animal species according to two recent food-science studies from Chapman University in California.


Tyson Foods wins reversal of damages in Nebraska wage lawsuits

Tyson Foods Inc, one of the world's largest meat processors, on Wednesday won the reversal of nearly $24 million of damage awards in two class action lawsuits claiming it cheated thousands of hourly workers in two Nebraska plants out of wages.


Wisconsin is getting beefy

You may think of dairy when you talk about Wisconsin, but the state actually has more beef cattle herds than dairy herds, reports Amy Pflugshaupt for WMTV in Madison, Wisc.


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