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Consumer Trends: A new check-off proposed

Today, there are 22 federally mandated commodity check-offs, and they raise some $750 million annually from U.S. farmers and ranchers. In addition to the beef check-off, there are check-off programs for blueberries, Christmas trees, cotton, dairy products, eggs, fluid milk, Hass avocados, lamb, mango, mushrooms, peanuts, popcorn, pork, potatoes, soybeans and watermelons.

Cow/Calf Producer

Marketing plans for your livestock operation

As we work into the first days of summer, now would be a good time to revisit your marketing plans. For those of you who don’t yet have a marketing plan, now may be a good opportunity to start putting one together. Every operation should develop and maintain a marketing plan. These plans can be very simple to very complex, depending on your situation and level of detail. These plans need to be flexible and easily updated as things change. As you look at creating a marketing plan, you need to answer these five questions:


Boxed Beef Report: Beef prices rise over the weekend

Choice boxed beef increased on Monday from $231 to $232.13. The $1.13 increase brought the 27-day average price to $243.53.

Choice primal rib jump $4.43 on Monday to hit $322.62. The 27-day average price is now at $340.03. Choice primal chuck saw the next largest increase from $180.12 to $191.29, a $2.17 jump. Choice primal short plate did not fare as well, falling $1.56 to hit $158.17.


Sexten leads CAB supply development

Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) has hired Justin Sexten to lead its Supply Development team as director of that division. The Ohio native brings to his new post a broad expertise in beef production, research and education.
“As the cattle cycle enters its expansion phase, Justin’s 11 years of academic research and teaching in Illinois and Missouri make him a fitting match for this role at CAB,” said Mark McCully, vice president of production for the branded beef company.

Brenneman: Agvocates, it's time to visit the city

While we as farmers begin to seep out through the cracks and pulse more truthful information and real stories of the farm, I think it is extremely important that we keep these different perspectives in mind. I believe it is essential that if we are going to show people what we do every day, we also need to walk a mile in “city slicker” shoes. Agvocates absolutely need to visit a large city where grass is non-existent and owning a car is almost unheard of.


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